[collect] Glendalys Medina + Stephanie Lindquist

Today MasterDabblers features a 4-minute video interview between artists Stephanie Lindquist (Jester) and Glendalys Medina (The Shank) about carving out your own space and asserting your voice as an artist. This video is part of Medina’s video tag diary and documents as she wheat-pastes her tag BlackGold. Lindquist accompanies and interviews.

BlackGold #14 focuses on Glendalys’s development of her 7-year-old project “The Shank”. Her tag, accompanied by this video is currently exhibit at the Bronx Museum until June 2013. Lindquist and Medina are artists and partners. They sometimes make collaborative drawings (example pictured below) and currently share a studio in Rome, Italy.



Drawing VIII, 2012, Large mirror, pumas, sunglasses, paper and pastel, 49” diameter.

Drawing XII, 2012, Blue crayons, yellow rubber band, paper and ink, 9” x 12”.

"The thing is, after 15 years of working together we’ve developed an art-making mechanism – and in turn it starts to make its own exhaust, the materials start speaking to each other. It’s also oddly comforting working together like this – which avoids the reductive belief that a work of art is itself, the belief of one person. The way we work puts a spin on that – an ellipsis – when I look at my work it’s some other person’s."

Jake Chapman on collaboration with his brother Dinos in an interview by Will Self in Art World Magazine

[research] Collaborative sibling duo, the Wilson Sisters

In preparation for interview #4 with Las Hermanas Iglesias, this 1999 interview with the Wilson Sisters.

They also, though they don’t really want to draw attention to it, still cherish working as a team, and continue to derive inspiration from each other. On their own, they say, they would never have stuck at it; as a pair, they think they will be working into old age. They claim never to get sick of the sight of each other; or if they do, one of them goes to the studio. Speaking to them, though, you get the sense that it is never that long before the other follows.”

Not to be confused with these Wilson Sisters